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Leslie Wong
Destination Specialist, FIT's | 2019

I was born in Vietnam to Chinese parents and spent my early childhood in Hong Kong. I am multilingual in Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and have some knowledge of French.

When I first arrived in Australia with my family, I was immediately impressed by how different it was here; the blue sky and open spaces, the fresh air and clouds that hung so low I almost thought I could touch them. But above all, it was the friendly people who welcomed us with open arms that impressed me the most. To this day I still feel that warmth when I step off the plane at Sydney Airport, and my heart sings Peter Allan’s song “I still call Australia home”.

Growing up in Australia, Geography was my favourite subject at school and this lead to my passion for travel. Today, I hold a BA degree in Business Management and a diploma in Travel & Tourism (self-funded by working at Sydney’s then Regent Hotel, now the Four Seasons).

One day in 1995 while I was managing my mother’s takeaway shop at Bondi Beach, a friend called and introduced me to the Managing Director of an inbound tour company. This is when my passion and my work became one, and I have never looked back.

I have been in the inbound industry for over 20 years with various roles. One of the highlights was 9 years at Tourism Australia in the PR/Consumer Marketing department within the Visiting Journalist Program. In that capacity, I worked with global media, PR agencies, TA offshore offices and various States and Territories Tourist Offices to promote Australia. I gained valuable experience and knowledge of tourism products and also had first hand “famil” experience together with prints and electronic media. I am also very proud to have been part of the Sydney Olympic 2000 media promotion campaigns, where I escorted the media to report on the Olympic Torch relay at Uluru.

Since 1999, not only have I had the great privilege to travel within Australia, I have also travelled the world extensively including most of Europe and Scandinavia, North America, North and South East Asia, Fiji and New Zealand. It is eye opening to visit a foreign country and to meet the people, learn about their culture and experience their cuisine.

During my leisure time, I enjoy going to the Opera, theatre and musicals. I love walking and riding my foldaway bike around the city!