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Australia is an exciting country full of spirit, colour and contrast.

A vast land of haunting beauty, natural wonders and unique wildlife. Australia is tailor-made for adventure travel. Dozens of national parks offer bushwalking, rock climbing, and abseiling to satisfy even the most energetic outdoors junkie.

The tropical north is abundant with bird and wildlife in rainforest havens, the unique Kakadu National Park, our very own Great Barrier Reef, and our ‘red’ centre – steeped in history of the Aboriginal dreamtime with legends that tell stories of a long time past – where Ayers Rock will haunt and mystify you as you watch the spectrum of colours unfold before your eyes at daybreak.

It’s all here! Australia offers the best of all seasons and being ‘downunder’ our seasons are reversed to those in the Northern Hemisphere. Depending on the time of year and the location, temperatures can vary greatly.

November through to March is warm to hot everywhere – humid with tropical rain in the north and mild nights in the south.

April through to September is beautiful in the northern and central areas – clear warm days, cool and refreshing nights.

At the same time in the south, snow falls in the highlands. It’s cooler but there’s still plenty of our famous sun to be found in all areas.


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