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Our Team

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Tim Reid
General Manager & Director | 2000

I’ve always had tourism in my blood, with my father taking us on extensive journeys around New Zealand with mum and my two brothers while he worked for Newman’s Tours. Now it’s my turn to show my 3 kids what a wonderful country we live in and the many diverse landscapes and adventures that present themselves in every corner.

My big love as an Inbound Tour Operator is making sure we share the many highlights we have with our visitors, but also making sure we tailor experiences to the desires of each individual visitor, as we all want different things and have different expectations when we travel. This adds a great challenge to what we do!

My own interests span from a love for fishing, being out on the water or in the outdoors, plus DIY including restoring old furniture while adding a modern touch. Travelling to 3rd world countries is also a fascination as it teaches you to respect what we have, but these days I must admit a love for travelling to North America as I find the people incredibly friendly (especially the Canadian’s and Texan’s), plus their attitude to life very refreshing – they just need to work on their coffee!