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Our Team

Find out about our team, the people who make the difference

Martin Horgan
Managing Director | 2003

Growing up on the Canterbury plains I have always had an affinity for the nearby mountains, lakes and the ocean. I feel lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and for more than 25 years (yikes!) love to share the drama of our beautiful landscapes with guests travelling to New Zealand.

I love the outdoors and being active, my partner Briar and my kids love it when we go exploring, visiting remote mountain lakes in summer for hiking, taking advantage of a good snow storm in winter to venture off the beaten track to expose tantalisingly beautiful snowy vistas where you feel you’re the first and only people to see them, or in summer mountain biking or navigating stunning lakes to swim and jet skiing along the Canterbury coast with the dolphins ducking and diving in front of us – a beautiful place to live, work and call home!

Having worked for some of New Zealand’s leading tourism business and lived in Christchurch, Auckland and Fiji, I became an owner in the Southern World group in 2001 and have loved every minute of it.  We have such an awesome team behind us who are all as passionate about New Zealand as I am.

I look forward to welcoming you or your clients to New Zealand, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance with anything, especially finding a few hidden gems!