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Liti Ratunivabea
Reservations Specialist South Pacific

Having been in the Tourism Industry for over 15 years, travelling and experiencing new destinations is right up there on my “must do list”.  I started my career path in the Education Sector having graduated with a Teaching Diploma and teaching primary level for two years. Looking back over the past years of my journey within the tourism industry, I have been so fortunate to have worked within the varied Inbound Departments of the company from FIT Reservations, Groups Reservations, Meetings Incentives and Corporate Travelers Division and to be currently involved with the many destinations of our Outbound South Pacific Reservations Department. Being an islander myself of Fijian descent, growing up with a rich cultural history here in Fiji, many of our traditions have been passed on through stories and legends and it has been one of the highlights of my current role to experience, to hear similar stories and to get insights into our neighboring Pacific Islands. From the lesser known island of Kiribati, to the popular and accessible volcano of Tanna or the beautiful sunsets of French Polynesian – there is no shortage of experiences to share, stories to hear and whole new worlds to be explored in these Islands we call – The South Pacific!