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Keearni Rivera
Destination Specialist, FIT's

I fell into the travel and tourism industry in a not so conventional way. You could almost say it was a sign from the universe. Once I got a taste of what was to come while doing my Advanced Diploma… there was no looking back. I was consumed with passion, spellbound by the never ending amount of knowledge my brain simply thirsted for. Suddenly my micro world opened up.. and the parts of me that laid dormant or undiscovered began to surface. It was my journey on discovering myself. It seeped into my love for languages, animals, connections, spirituality, music of the world, coffee! It is during this epiphany I knew my souls goal.. to learn about the world around me one country at a time. So far (domestically speaking) I have travelled to Surfers Paradise (QLD) Melbourne (VIC) and Adelaide (SA) with plans to tick off more from my bucket list. During my idle hours I like to explore new places around my area (the Illawarra), converse profoundly with friends and family and take my dog for walks on the beach.