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Elsa Ulmamei
Destination Specialist, FIT's

Having been born and raised in Porto, North of Portugal, one of the oldest European cities gently bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, I often found myself on the beach contemplating the infinity of the horizon. I would sit wondering what was beyond the thin line, dividing and at the same time uniting the ocean and the sky, and those magical moments most likely triggered my interest in geography and, later in life, in travel.

After uni, I did a specialized post-graduation in the UK focused in Tourism Planning & Development and my drive to continuously learn, improve and enrich my strong academic background with first-hand experiences has led me to 5 continents already, having visited more than 70 countries so far. From trekking the Virungas in Rwanda in search of the endangered silverback mountain gorillas or the forests of Madagascar looking for the elusive lemurs to experiencing ultimate wildlife encounters in the Borneo Rainforest, my life has been rich in incredible and overwhelming travel experiences.

Living in Sydney has allowed me to explore this great and diverse country and visit all its states and territories but there is always something new to discover, the options are endless and exciting and there’s nothing  I love more than sharing these wonders with the world and with our agents.