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Our Team

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Ammi King
Product Co-ordinator

I was born in Cambodia but with Chinese heritage. My family escaped the war in Cambodia and eventually found our way to Australia. After graduating from University, I took some time off to do some travelling and on my return, I found that I had the travel bug and not keen to just sit behind a computer. I completed a tourism certificate and have now been in the industry for over 22 years.

Throughout those years I have learnt and discovered many new destinations and I would have to say, Australia would be one of the best places to visit. This vast country has so much to see and do. There are so many different attractions and activities to suit all ages, interests and even cultures. From the bright lights of the cities, to the golden beaches, spanning out the great outback and not forgetting the wild west coast which remains so serene and untouched.

When I’m not at work and not being a taxi driver to my kids, I enjoy catching up with family and friends for a coffee and a great meal. Australia has some of the finest dining venues in the world as the produce are fresh and plentiful. I also enjoy swimming and going to the beaches. We have so many great beaches with white sands and pristine water. The only problem is choosing which one to visit!